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About Camino Nova Scotia

A Philosophy and Theology of Local Pilgrimage

Founder of Camino Nova Scotia, Dr Rob Fennell of the Atlantic School of Theology, reflects back:


"Almost ten years ago, I had the idea that we needed a local pilgrimage opportunity in Canada. I had friends and acquaintances who walked the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, the famous pilgrimage route in Spain. I was happy they were able to go. But there was a knot in my stomach, because I knew that a lot of people, maybe even most, will never be able to spend a month in Spain. Financial, employment and family responsibilities are all real barriers.​


So, how could I combine my love for the outdoors with this desire to help people go on pilgrimage? I started to talk about this strange idea with my spouse and some friends and colleagues. I mentioned it to some of my students. Almost everyone thought it was a good idea.​

After many years of dormancy among Protestants, pilgrimage has become an enormous worldwide phenomenon. It took a few years, some seed money from the United Church of Canada Foundation and the support of my employer, but I finally managed to develop a local pilgrimage in Nova Scotia. I walked many kilometres to scout the route and to work out the logistics, details like where to sleep, where to shower, locations of grocery stores, how to transport gear and how the budget would work.

​At last, in 2014, the first cohort of pilgrims joined two student staff and me along the beautiful south shore of Nova Scotia. A brand-new pilgrimage was born."

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What pilgrims have to say about their camino experience...

"Knowing that each day would be threaded through with the company of others meant that even when I was alone on the trail, I felt safe because others were at either end of the trail. An ease developed, in which people drifted together and apart."

"It was a terrific experience.  The team did a great job of anticipating needs and offering support"

"I have been inspired and shown how to begin a 'walk with spirit' "

"A wonderful space for intentional community and spiritual growth...more meaningful than I ever imagined!"

"I liked roughing it. Sleeping on church floors really makes one appreciate hot showers and clean clothes."


Rob's new book gives readers a taste of pilgrimage spirituality developed among

the trees and the rocky shorelines of Nova Scotia

Stories and Articles

Learn More About our Nova Scotia Style of Pilgrimage!

In this article in Convivium, pilgrim Donna Preater is interviewed about her experience on the Annapolis Valley pilgrimage. See the article HERE.

The Anglican Journal interviewed long-time Camino NS director, Rev Nicole Uzans about the pilgrimages she lead. You can find Nicole's reflections and the article HERE!

Dr Rob Fennell started Camino NS in 2014. In 2020, Faith Today interviewed him about pilgrimage, and his experiences on the Camino Nova Scotia. Read that interview HERE.

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